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The USA and Cold War Europe

The USA and Cold War Europe

(Prof. David Reynolds)

This option addresses two interrelated themes – how Europe was shaped by the superpowers during Cold War and how Europeans shaped the Cold War – over the half-century from 1941 to 1991.

Major topics will include: the emergence of bipolarity, the German question, European integration, the Atlantic Alliance, Détente, the Eastern European revolutions, and the Soviet collapse. The central focus will be inter-state relations and their domestic ramifications. Attention will be given to the changing political economy, both within states and in the world at large, and to the tensions between and within alliance blocs. The course will also explore the role of political leaders within the larger structures of international relations and the influence of ideology on both states and leaders.

The two-hour seminars will take the form of an introductory overview each week, followed by student presentations on selected readings and group discussion.