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Aims of the Course

Aims of the Course

The course is designed for those who have completed degrees in which historical analysis formed a substantial (or indeed the main) component and who want to consolidate their knowledge of Modern European history. It is particularly appropriate for those who may wish to continue on to a PhD, at Cambridge or elsewhere, in this field. It is also well-suited for those who seek simply to deepen their grasp of Modern European history. It is expected that this will be the normal means by which those without an appropriate Master’s degree from elsewhere will prepare for the PhD degree in Modern European history at Cambridge.

By the end of the course, students will have acquired:

  1. A deeper understanding of their chosen area of modern European history and the critical debates within it
  2. A conceptual and technical understanding that enables the evaluation of current research and methodologies
  3. The technical skills necessary to pursue primary research in their chosen area
  4. The ability to situate their own research within current and past methodological and interpretative developments in the field.

The Postgraduate Office will be closed

from 4pm GMT on Friday 20 December to 9am Thursday 2 January, and we will be unable to respond to queries during this time.