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Intellectual Engagement

Intellectual Engagement

In addition to the British History seminars, students will be able to attend lectures and research papers at the Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), as well as seminars in cognate disciplines such as politics, English literature, geography, gender studies and sociology.

There is a large suite of undergraduate papers in British history, including survey papers on British political, economic and social History from 1688 to the present. The lectures for undergraduate papers are also open to graduate students. Graduate students are encouraged to attend lectures on topics relevant to dissertation and option areas, in order to get a sense of the general field in which they are writing.

There are strong intellectual links between the British History Subject Group and other Departments and Faculties. Students are able to attend any open lecture courses across the university, without permission, for example those presented by Anthropology, Politics and International Relations, English, and the History and Philosophy of Science.



The Postgraduate Office will be closed

from 4pm GMT on Friday 20 December to 9am Thursday 2 January, and we will be unable to respond to queries during this time.