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MPhil in Modern British History

MPhil Modern British History


The MPhil in Modern British History offers students an exciting and intellectually stimulating course, combining research skills and in-depth understanding of the development and latest innovations within modern British history. At its core, the Mphil provides the opportunity to shape your own intellectual trajectory and questions through undertaking your dissertation in consultation leading historians in the field. The tailored, individual and closely supervised dissertation work is complemented by the importance placed in the course of group work and the creation of a supportive intellectual community. You'll emerge with excellent skills for undertaking advanced research, and a degree that will be highly valued in institutions across the world. The advanced research and writing skills gained will also be of immediate use in a wide variety of occupations.

British History at the University of Cambridge combines the study of the individual polities and nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with the study of their interactions with one another, with the European Continent and the British Empire.  It draws on established strengths across the Faculty in political thought, political history, economic history, social and cultural history and global history to consider Britain’s modern experience in the light of these broader geographical and analytical perspectives. 

The MPhil in Modern British History offers taught courses and a dissertation over a 9-month programme.  Students take three courses in the first two terms – a common core course focusing on historiographical debates and thematic approaches, and two optional courses, including several comparative options, which allow students to develop their interests and/or contextualize their dissertation research.

The 15–20,000 word dissertation is the centrepiece of the course, and will be planned and undertaken through close work with your supervisor. Regular supervisions will enable the identification of key questions and ideas to address, as well as archival sources and a sense of the wider significance of your research. The supervisor will be chosen prior to admission according to your research interests, and will assist you throughout the course to make the most of the very full intellectual resources that Cambridge can offer. 


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