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Introduction to Research Resources and Seminars

Introduction to Research Resources and Seminars


This series of classes is designed to help students to discover what printed and non-printed sources exist anywhere in the world relating to their fields of interest.

The course offers lectures/classes on topics such as ‘Preparing a Bibliography’, ‘Reading early printed books’, ‘Oral history’, ‘Images’, ‘History and literature’, ‘Working on Early Modern and Modern British Records’, ‘Locating Research Materials on Continental European Research Topics’, ‘Locating Research Materials on Extra-European Research Topics’.

There are sessions devoted to the resources specifically in Cambridge, including the University Library, the collections of the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Faculty Library, the Churchill College Archives Centre and in other local research centres.  A visit to the National Archives is also arranged.

Introduction to Research Seminars

These three classes in Michaelmas term are designed to introduce students to an essential part of academic research – attending, engaging critically with, and presenting research at seminars. As well as helping new graduate students to get the most out of attending seminars, these classes provide training in four main areas: the evaluation of research methods; the critique of historians’ arguments; presentation skills; and the examination – broadly and comparatively – of what economic and social historians do.