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Aims of the Course

The course is designed to introduce students to current and important approaches to the study of History, drawing insights from across the social sciences. This is done in the first instance through the Central Concepts in Economic and Social History course, and more specifically, in a choice of two courses from a list of specific topics offered by staff members in History and in related Social Sciences. Students are also expected to undertake training in social science research methods, encompassing quantitative and qualitative analytical tools, which are taught at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Throughout the course students will be supervised by a dedicated member of staff, who will guide their research towards the completion of an original historical subject chosen and developed by them. In addition students will benefit from Cambridge’s vibrant research environment in Economic and Social History, attending and participating in guest talks, workshops and other events throughout the year.

By the end of the course, students should have:

  1. developed a deeper understanding of their chosen area of social and economic history and the critical debates within it
  2. a conceptual and technical understanding that enables the evaluation of current research and methodologies
  3. the ability to situate their own research within current and past methodological and interpretative developments in the field.