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Option Papers

Option Papers

Student 1

All students will select two option papers from a list of subjects to be taken over the course of Michaelmas and Lent Terms.  

Please note the list of available courses is subject to change each year.  

Courses offered in 2015-16 were:

Michaelmas Term

1. Poverty, disease and medicine in Britain, 1500-1800.
2. Inequality: A Global History.
3. The History of economic and social thought.

Lent Term

1. British industrialization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
2. Money, trade and politics: from the Gold Standard to the Euro crisis.
3. Health, politics, and economic growth since 1750.
4. Energy, Economy and Environment c.1700-2015 
5. History and Public Policy
6. ‘Late Development’: the uneven spread of industrialization in Asia, Africa and Latin America 

Courses Taught across both terms

Institutions and development (A course taught by the MPhil in Development Studies)