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Core Course: Research Challenge

All students will take the core module, Research Challenge in Early Modern History, run with weekly seminars throughout Michaelmas term which aims to develop research skills. Examples of tasks students might be asked to complete could be to find out as much as possible about an historical person; to examine closely a particular kind of document; to assess problems of attributing authorship of anonymous texts; or to analyse a set of data.

The accent in this module is on process not product. It is important to think about skills acquisition, and, for instance, forming judgements about diminishing returns in time spent investigating a problem. What matters is not the achievement of a finished piece of work by the end of the day, but the research processes entailed. A particular feature of this module is that collaborative work is encouraged.

The Research Challenge is an extremely popular part of the MPhil in Early Modern History. For more information about 2016's Research Challenge, see here.