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Aims of the course

Students on the MPhil in Early Modern History will be provided with an in-depth study of some of the key areas of research in early modern history and will have a Supervisor who will guide them through the requirements of the course and, most crucially, the Dissertation.

In this manner, all students are provided with the historiographical knowledge and analytical skills necessary to understand and evaluate existing research and to pursue research in their own fields of intellectual interest. Through individual supervisions and group classes students are introduced to the more specialised and intensive nature of research required at a postgraduate level.

By the end of the course, students should have acquired:

  • a deeper understanding of their chosen area of early modern history and the critical debates within it;
  • a conceptual and technical understanding that enables the evaluation of current research and methodologies;
  • the technical skills necessary to pursue primary research in their chosen area;
  • the ability to situate their own research within current and past methodological and interpretative developments in the field.