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Faculty Podcasts

Frontiers of Scientific Knowledge in South Africa: Global Science, National Horizons

Inaugural lecture by Saul Dubow, Smuts professor of Commonwealth History

28 November 2018



A podcast series on Intellectual History, led by graduate students.


Believing in Medieval Belief; Gibbon, Latour and what we do with Religion.

Professor John Arnold's inaugural lecture as Chair of Medieval History

Friday 2nd February 2018

Audio recording


‘The History of Prediction and Energy Systems of the Future’

An Interview with Dr Paul Warde

An interview with Dr Paul Warde following his CRASH seminar ‘The History of Prediction and Energy Systems of the Future’. In this seminar, Dr Warde examines why the use of long-term energy use predictions persist despite been repeatedly made in error. The full seminar can be found here

Paul_Warde_4Oct2016 - EPRG from Cambridge Judge Business School on Vimeo.


 Valedictory Lectures by Retiring Members of the Faculty, Summer 2016


Professor Rosamond McKitterick
From There to Here

1 July 2016

Professor Robert Tombs
That Stupid Nineteenth Century

5 July 2016

The Ellen McArthur Lectures 2016 Gendering Economic History

Professor Jane Humphries

  Women, work and wages: from the Black Death to the industrial revolution

Lecture 1




The spinster: a tragic heroine of the industrial revolution?

Lecture 2




The Cultural Self-fashioning of Frederick the Great

Professor Tim Blanning

The impressive material assets Frederick inherited when he came to the throne of Prussia in 1740 were counter-balanced by the serious psychological damage inflicted by his father's astonishingly brutal regime. This illustrated lecture will discuss how he then set about creating for himself an environment in which he could recover his self-respect and express his cultural and sexual preferences.




 Rome Ruined, Rome Recalled: Reformation, Memory and the 'Antiquity of Godliness’

Professor Eamon Duffy

The lecture 'Rome Ruined, Rome Recalled: Reformation, Memory and the 'Antiquity of Godliness’' was given by Professor Eamon Duffy at the University of York on the 28th of January 2016. Introductory talks were given by Professor Alexandra Walsham (Professor of Modern History) and Professor Brian Cummings (from the York Department of English and Related Literatures).



Professor Sir Christopher Clark, Regius Professor of History

Inaugural Lecture




Professor Gary Gerstle, Paul Mellon Professor of American History

Inaugural Lecture


Professor Gary Gerstle, Paul Mellon Professor of American History presented his inaugural lecture, entitled 'Liberty and Coercion, Writing the History of the American State', on Thursday 12 November 2015 in the Cripps Auditorium, Magdalene College.


Film by Graham CopeKoga 

The John Robert Seeley Lectures

'Democracy Before Liberalism'

Professor Josiah Ober


The John Robert Seeley Lectures are held biennially by the Faculty of History alongside Cambridge University Press. Here, international scholars of distinction are invited to give talks on a broad range of topics within the framework of political and social studies.

In October of 2015 Professor Josiah Ober, Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Professor in Honour of Constantine Mitsotakis and Professor of Political Science and Classics at Stanford University gave a series of four lectures under the title ‘Democracy Before Liberalism’.

A list of previous John Robert Seeley lectures can be found here 


1. What Democracy Is

Prof. Josiah Ober


2. Part I: Natural Capacities

Prof. Josiah Ober


3. Part II: Liberty, Equality, Dignity, Wisdom

Prof. Josiah Ober


4. What Democratic Theory Is Good For

Prof. Josiah Ober

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