Yasmin Dualeh

PhD Student

My name is Yasmin Dualeh and I am a PhD student in US History. My dissertation charts the evolution and development of a diasporic consciousness amongst Arab intellectuals in the US from 1918-1967. It focuses on the socio-political thought of this predominantly Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian diaspora, foregrounding their role as knowledge producers on subjects ranging from assimilation, race and citizenship; American power and its potential for shaping the post-war Middle East; anti-Zionism; and finally, on political developments within the Arab World such as decolonisation and Arab nationalism. The dissertation begins with what historian, Erez Manuela has referred to as the “Wilsonian Moment” in the aftermath of WWI and it will end with the impact of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. My thesis draws heavily upon the under-examined English language output of Arab intellectuals in the US and it intends to reconstruct their socio-political thought via an exploration of their political pamphlets, articles in print media, scholarship, and literary texts.

My dissertation is supervised by Professor Gary Gerstle.

In addition to this, I am the convenor of the History Faculty funded interdisciplinary graduate workshop on the Histories of Race. The workshop provides a forum for our rich intellectual community of scholars working on questions related to race, ethnicity, racial minorities and the process of racialisation.

The workshop aims to:

• provide a platform for scholars at Cambridge and selected academics outside of the institution to present papers on race, broadly defined.

• disrupt the “national” by welcoming proposals which explore the impact of race and the construction of race and racial hierarchies across geographical and chronological boundaries.

• breakdown boundaries between disciplines and sub-fields; the theoretical and the empirical; and the transnational, national and the local.

We meet fortnightly throughout the academic year. If you are interested in attending the sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

- US immigration history

- Diplomatic History/ US in the World

- American Empire

- Race

- Anti-colonialism

- Political thought

Part I paper - The History of the United States from 1865 (Paper 24)

Key publications