Theo Zenou

PhD candidate in History

I grew up in Paris, France, the son of Moroccan and Algerian immigrants. Before Cambridge, I studied in London and Edinburgh.

I've worked in TV, researching and developing programmes.

Professor Andrew Preston is my doctoral supervisor.

Research Interests

  • 20th-century United States
  • Leadership, political strategy and communications
  • Cold War, especially in an 'intermestic' context
  • Social movements
  • Applied history and counterfactuals

Thesis title: 'John F. Kennedy and the Summer of Peace, 1963'

Supervisor: Professor Andrew Preston

Advisor: Professor Gary Gerstle

In the summer of 1963, the world's two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, signed a treaty that prohibited most nuclear testing. It was a momentous occasion, nothing short of the first arms control agreement of the nuclear age.

The American president, John F. Kennedy, was pleased. But he wasn't ready to celebrate just yet. Signing the treaty was only half the story.

To come into effect, the treaty first had to be ratified by a recalcitrant US Senate. Kennedy said that would take 'a miracle'... but vowed to try.

My PhD examines Kennedy's efforts to get the treaty ratified, and considers their significance in the trajectory (and contingency) of the Cold War.

'The Vital Consensus', American History Workshop, University of Cambridge, 8 February 2022

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'"Make 'Em Feel the Heat": How Ronald Reagan Connected with the People', Postgraduate Conference of the Glasgow College of Arts, University of Glasgow, 29 May 2018

I supervise undergraduates in 'US History from 1865' (Part I, Paper 24)


Tags & Themes




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