S.M. Mendel (Mendy) Bindell

PhD Candidate in Intellectual History

PhD Candidate in Intellectual History

Dr. Herschel Smith Fellowship

Doctoral thesis: "Concrete Dreams: Utopia, Ideology and the Social Power of Art"

Master of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, 1st Class

Bachelor of Arts in Religion and English Williams College, Highest Honors (English), cum laude


Critical Theory

Cultural Theory

Continental Philosophy

Political Theory

Climate Change



Popular Culture


Led undergraduate supervisions for courses on the relation of Judaism and Christianity, and Modern Judaism (Faculty of Divinity).

Lectured on climate change, industrialization and the socioeconomics of modernity from an intellectual historical standpoint (Faculty of History)

Developed and led undergraduate seminars on the histories of climate change and religion (Faculty of History, Histroical Argument and Practice Graduate led teaching).

Co-lectured and helped develop two graduate-level courses on cultural theory, aesthetics and popular culture with Dr. Martin Ruehl (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages).

Teaching Assistant, History and Politics Tripos, Evidence and Argument Course

At Villiers Park Educational Trust, Developed and taught two, one-week intensive history courses for high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At Oxbridge Academic Programs (Jesus College, Cambridge), developed and taught a one-month course on public speaking and debate (including lectures on Greek philosophy, rhetoric, cultural studies and literature).

"The Nexus of Art, Politics & Culture in the Modern Age." Lecture at Oxbridge Academic Programs, Jesus College, Cambridge. July 2019.

"Economic Liberalism, Industrialization, Social Transformation and Climate Change." Guest Lecture at Villiers Park Educational Trust. October, 2019.



Tags & Themes


Key publications

“Dispelling ‘The Myth of Mythless Modernity’ and The Dialectical Genealogy of The Myth of Disenchantment”: Review of The Myth of Disenchantment by Jason A. Josephson-Storm.” Magic, Witchcraft, and Ritual. Volume 13. Number 1. University of Pennsylvania Press. Spring 2018.

“Storycellar.” Polyphony: The Cambridge Arts Journal. Issue 1, University of Cambridge. January 2017.

“Song of Tomorrow”; “Dreaming of Joy.” Polyphony: The Cambridge Arts Journal. Issue 2, University of Cambridge. October 2017.

“The Root of Our Education.” The Williams Record. Williams College. October 22, 2014.

“Paradoxical Liberalism.” Williams Alternative. Williams College. May 18, 2014.

Review of Other Worlds by Christopher G. White. Cosmologics. Harvard Divinity School Magazine. Pending Publication.

Messianism and Revolution: The Actuality of Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy of History. Williams College. Senior Thesis in English, Highest Honors.