Sam Kennerley

Research Fellow, Peterhouse
Dr Sam Kennerley
I am an historian of the intellectual history of fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe. I research how figures from this time interpreted information distant to them in time (classical antiquity, the early church) or space (Byzantium, Ethiopia, the Ottoman Empire), a question that I have explored through translations, and more recently letter collections.

In 2017 I completed my PhD on the reception of the Greek Church Father John Chrysostom (c.350-307) in Latin Europe between 1440 and 1600. I am currently revising this PhD into a book, where I will show how the Greek reception of Chrysostom in late Byzantium and the early Ottoman Empire interacted with scholarship in the Latin west.

In addition to revising my PhD, I am currently working on the correspondence of Marcello II Cervini (1501-1555), the shortest-reigning pope in recorded history whose letters are an invaluable witness to the remaking of Catholicism in the sixteenth century. I have published research about this correspondence (see my Academia page), which I also aim to make more widely accessible through a digital edition.
Renaissance; Reformation; early modern Italy; eastern Christianity; correspondence; patristics
I have lectured and supervised for Part I Paper 16 (Early Modern Europe, 1450-1760), and Part II Paper 17 (The Politics of Knowledge from the Late Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment). I also deliver seminars in Historical Argument and Practice at Peterhouse.

I would be eager to supervise students with an interest in the intellectual and cultural history of early modern Europe.
I would be willing to supervise PhD dissertations in any area of the intellectual or cultural history of fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe. I would be particularly interested in hearing of potential students with an interest in the following topics:

- Renaissance humanism
- Early modern Venice
- Early modern Rome
- The Greek world, 1400-1700
- Eastern Christianity, especially the life and work of Gabriel ibn al-Qilai, and Istifan al-Duwayhi

Key publications

'The Church Fathers in Renaissance and Reformation Thought', Oxford Bibliographies in the Renaissance and the Reformation, ed. Margaret King. Oxford University Press, 2018.

'Ethiopian Christians in Rome, c.1400-1700', in Religious Minorities in Early Modern Rome, ed. Emily Michelson and Matt Coneys. Leiden: Brill, 2020.

'Friendship, Philology and Deceit in the Margins of a Greek Manuscript: Retelling the Story of MS Wolfenbüttel: Herzog August Bibliothek, Gud. gr. 2o 10', International Journal of the Classical Tradition, 27 (2020)

'Students of History, Masters of Tradition: Josse Clichtove, Noël Beda, and the Limits of Historical Criticism', Renaissance Studies, 35.1 (2021)

Other publications

Ongoing projects:

Francesco Griffolini: Scholarship and Patronage in Renaissance Rome.

From Antioch to Eton: The Reception of John Chrysostom in Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the West, 1417-1614.

Rome and the Maronites from the Renaissance to the Reformation: From the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-1445) to the protectorate of Marcello II Cervini (1540-1555)