Pedro Faria

PhD candidate in Intellectual History

I received my BA in Economics (2014) and my MA in Philosophy (2017) from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. As an undergraduate, I was a PET scholar funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Education between 2010 and 2013 (similar to a honours programme), researching Brazil's fiscal and monetary systems. In my final undergraduate year, I worked as a research assistant to Dr Hugo Cerqueira, researching the relation between David Hume's moral philosophy and political economy, which was also the topic of my masters' dissertation. My PhD thesis expanded both the topic and the scope of my previous research: since 2017, I have investigated the intersection between moral philosophy, social theories, and historical writing in the early Enlightenment.

My main research interest is the relation between moral philosophy, social theory and historical writing. My current research focuses on how this tripartite relationship played out in the early Enlightenment. I'm particularly interested in understanding how early eighteenth-century European thinkers' self-perception as 'modern' and 'enlightened' underpinned their claims to historical objectivity and truth. I'm also interested in what kinds of social, political and economic theories they used to assess historical sources and historical narratives.

I supervise undergraduate students for POLIS, POL8 - "History of Political Thought, 1700-1890".


Tags & Themes


Key publications

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