Neha Chaudhary

PhD candidate

I received my B.A. (History) from the University of Delhi, M.A. (Modern History) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and M.Sc. in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Oxford. In my time at Oxford, I worked on Hindu Nationalism through an analysis of the contours of everyday life in Northern India. My thesis was titled "Organising the Everyday: Understanding Hindu Nationalism through the Life of RSS Swayamsevaks”. The thesis looked at how the RSS intervenes in the everyday life of its members and contracts not only a larger community in this everyday life but also gives the everyday-dimension a programme through which its workers have been able to mobilise North Indian society. Ultimately, my research was an attempt to find answers to what makes Hindu Nationalism gain traction in North Indian society despite its non-emancipatory outlook. I am now continuing this research in my Ph.D.

I am interested in right-wing movements in modern and contemporary South Asian history.


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