Jacob A. Bruggeman

MPhil candidate in Economic and Social History
Jacob Bruggeman is an Economic and Social History MPhil student supervised by Dr. Pedro Ramos-Pinto. His dissertation examines the development of Margaret Thatcher's political during her Leadership of the Opposition from 1975-79. Prior to his time at Cambridge, Jacob graduated from Miami University ('19), where he studied history, political science, and earned an MA in political theory. Following the MPhil, Jacob will begin a PhD in American History at Johns Hopkins University, where he will be supervised by Dr. Angus Burgin and Dr. Fan├žois Furstenberg. Outside of his coursework at Cambridge, Jacob is the Senior Editor of the Cleveland Review of Books and a frequent contributor to popular publications, including the Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Detroit News, RealClearPublicAffaris, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Times. You can follow him on Twitter @jacob_bruggeman.
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century economic thought; economic and political ideas in everyday practice; the history of the American Midwest.

Key publications