Hugo Bromley

PhD candidate in Early Modern World History
I am a PhD student studying English cloth producers and the rise of protectionism in late seventeenth and early eighteenth century Britain. My work focuses on the impact of global trade and transnational migration, and how global encounters situated in England shaped the development of English and later British political economy.

Before my PhD, I did an MPhil here at Cambridge, on the history of British trading companies in the Baltic in the late seventeenth century. I received my BA in International History from the London School of Economics.
I am interested in the history of political economy, as well as the histories of global production, migration, and material culture.

My PhD research explores how weavers, clothiers and cloth producers understood global trade, and how that in turn influenced the development of English political economy. Its aim is to challenge our current understanding of 'mercantilism' by emphasising the popular, global origins of English political economy at the beginning of the long eighteenth century.
I am a class teacher and supervisor on Paper 9 (part 1), and lead an HAP class on 'states'.


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