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Cherish Watton (Churchill) wins RHS Public History Prize Undergraduate Award

last modified Feb 06, 2018 09:35 AM

Churchill College student Cherish Watton has won the Royal Historical Society Public History Prize for undergratuates for her work on the Democratic and Critical Commemoration of the Women’s Land Army in Twentieth-Century Britain.

Cherish describes her work thus:

"Over the last three years, I have significantly expanded my website on the Women’s Land Army (WLA) and Women’s Timber Corps (WTC) of the First and Second World War to be the national online hub for the commemoration of these civilian organisations. The website offers visitors to information on different aspects of wartime service, photos, videos, and songs alongside extensive primary source collections, democratising access to materials which usually reside in physical archives. Audiences around the world use the website, including family historians, schools, the media, and scholars. The site has also infused and informed wider dialogues outside of the digital sphere. I have given several interviews, which aimed to refute the ‘warm-bath’ history approach which can perpetuate in relation to women’s war work. With the WLA website as my foundation, I have presented critical, accessible, and engaging histories, online, on radio and television, and via personal presentations."


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