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RHS Public History Prize for Best Online Resource won by team including Professor Joya Chatterji and PhD student Sundeep Lidher

last modified Feb 06, 2018 09:34 AM

The Royal Historical Society Public History Prize for Best Online Resource was won by the 'Our Migration Story' website:

The project, the ‘Our Migration Story' (OMS) website, represents the culmination of a decade of innovative interdisciplinary collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge and Manchester and The Runnymede Trust.  These projects have taken original historical research into schools to inspire young people and teachers to engage with family and community history as a way of understanding the historical ‘roots’ and ‘routes’ of contemporary multicultural Britain.

Since 2016, the project team has partnered with over 70 academic and community historians, national and local museums and archives, schools and educationalists to create a ‘joined-up’ web resource, which charts the long history of migration to Britain from AD43 to the present day.

OMS brings together cutting-edge historical research and original source material presented in an accessible format for teachers, young people and the public. The site functions as an online textbook which draws on the words and research of academic experts and as a knowledge hub through which further resources can be discovered. OMS represents a unique collaboration of academic researchers with civil society institutions, policy shapers, NGOs and educators in a collective endeavour to retell the story of Britain.


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