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Dr Guarneri wins Jane Jacobs Book Award

last modified Dec 07, 2018 09:15 AM

Congratulations to Dr Julia Guarneri whose first book Newsprint Metropolis has been awarded the Jane Jacobs Book Award from the Urban Communication Foundation.

 guarneri bookThe judges wrote:

"In concise, lively prose, Newsprint Metropolis examines the historical development of American newspapers between 1880 and 1930, exploring in detail the major dailies published in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee. With a particular focus on features—always the most popular sections of the paper—author Julia Guarneri offers a fascinating look into the deeply intertwined relationships between these news institutions and the rapidly growing and changing cities they served.

As Guarneri recounts, urban readers “used their daily papers as maps that could help them navigate the modern city and the modern world” (p. 7). Advice and etiquette columns offered tips on negotiating the bustle of city life, while features and advertisements spun visions of a distinctly modern self, one constructed from commodities, consumption, and mass culture. In doing so, the daily paper encouraged readers to imagine themselves as part of a newsprint metropolis, as “New Yorkers” or “Chicagoans” bound symbolically to their neighbors through the daily flow of stories about life in the modern city.

In an era in which the American press is under attack—both figuratively and literally—Guarneri’s Newsprint Metropolis reminds us that, despite their flaws and limits, local media institutions have long played a crucial role in city life by facilitating public conversations and nurturing collective identities. We lose these institutions at our great peril. "

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