Finding journals

Bound volumes, section 15 of the classification scheme, are shelved on the mezzanine floor inbetween the 30s and Latin American Studies Collection. The most recent issues are on display shelves at the front of the library, whilst less used volumes, or ones available electronically, must be requested at the desk. If you are unsure where to find a journal please come and ask.

To find out if the Seeley holds a particular title and its exact classification, please search iDiscover.

Current subscriptions are listed below, but this is not an exhaustive list of all titles held as there are many we no longer receive.

Current titles received by the Library

This list includes links to electronic versions where available. Precise dates of the electronic coverage is not given as many journals operate a continuous 'moving wall' between archived and current issues.

Off campus you will need your UIS log in details (Raven) to access these e-journals.

Title Seeley Classmark
African Economic History 15.211
The Agricultural History Review 15.84
The American Historical Review 15.101
American Nineteenth-Century History 15.118
Anglo-Norman Studies 16.29
Anglo-Saxon England 13.15.284
Annales d'histoire économique et sociale 15.141
Commonwealth and Comparative Politics 15.62
Comparative Studies in Society and History 15.81
Contemporary British History 15.128
Continuity and Change 15.124
Cultural and Social History 15.50
Diplomatic History 15.206
Early Medieval Europe 15.46
The Economic History Review 15.4
Eighteenth-Century Studies 15.137
The English Historical Review 15.1
European History Quarterly 15.145
European Journal of Political Theory 15.53
French History 15.146
Gender and History 15.181
German History 15.147
Government and Opposition 15.194
The Hispanic American Historical Review 15.130
Historia 15.164
The Historical Journal 15.3
Historical Research 15.5
History 15.2
History and Theory 15.90
History Compass Online only
History of Political Thought 15.79
History Today 15.10
History Workshop Journal 15.97
The Indian Economic and Social History Review 15.48
Intelligence and National Security 15.56
The International History Review 15.126
Irish Historical Studies 15.99
Journal of African History 15.69
The Journal of American History 15.105
The Journal of American Studies 15.109
The Journal of Asian Studies 15.190
Journal of British Studies 15.27
The Journal of Contemporary History 15.29
The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 15.18
The Journal of Economic History 15.122
The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 15.61
The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 15.30
Journal of Medieval History 15.114
The Journal of Modern History 15.102
Journal of Peasant Studies 15.172
Journal of Policy History 15.112
The Journal of Political Philosophy 15.54
The Journal of Religious History 15.89
Journal of Social History 15.77
Journal of Southern African Studies 15.67
The Journal of Southern History 15.104
Journal of the Early Republic 15.117
Journal of the History of Ideas 15.120
Journal of Theological Studies 15.19
Journal of Victorian Culture 15.44
Journal of World History 15.52
London Journal 15.94
The Medieval History Journal 15.45
Modern Asian Studies 15.189
Modern Intellectual History 15.76
Northern History 15.93
Parliamentary History 15.78
Past and Present 15.25
Proceedings of the British Academy AS122.L5
Reviews in American History 15.116
Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique 15.140
Revue Historique 15.131
Rural History 15.173
The Scottish Historical Review 15.42
The Seventeenth Century 15.136
The Sixteenth Century Journal 15.135
Social History 15.83
Southern Cultures 15.103
Southern History 15.95
Twentieth Century British History 15.113
Urban History 15.86
Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies CB3.V53
Victorian Studies  15.108
War in History 15.123
The Welsh History Review 15.91
The William and Mary Quarterly 15.107
Women's History Review 15.182