IT Resources for Postgraduate students

The Graduate Research Room is a dedicated area of computers, printers and scanners and spaces for laptop working, for the exclusive use of our postgraduate students. The room is available 24 hours by card access and IT support is available from the Computer Office during office hours.

Please note: we are currently asking users to book a workspace in the room, as the occupancy has been limited to ten people, to avoid overcrowding. Please contact us if you need access to the booking form.

  • Login in with your Cambridge id and password.
  • All computers offer Microsoft Office and the standard MCS range of software, including SPSS and R. If you need to use other software applications which you feel are essential for your work please consult the computer officers.
  • Please report any problems with hardware or software to the computer office, by email, by phone (35315) or in person. There is a phone on the desk by the GRR door.
  • Please avoid bringing food or drink into the GRR. There is a kitchen area opposite which you can use, along with the nearby JCR.
  • Please do not leave your personal items, particularly valuables, including laptops, unattended.
  • Stay safe online. UIS provides usefule advice about avoiding scams and malware. If you think you have a problem, please get in touch with us.
The work room is excellent. I enjoy the availability and accessibility of the Graduate Research Room, and its presence is very helpful for students.

File storage

It is your responsibility to keep your work safe.

  • Always keep more than one copy of your important files.
  • You can use USB memory sticks or external drives or cloud storage
  • UIS also offers three third-party cloud-based data storage services that you can associate with your @cam email address:
    • OneDrive for Business (free) 1TB
    • Google Drive (free) Unlimited
    • Dropbox Business (available at a discounted rate) Unlimited
  • See for details.
  • Remember if you are working with images or video files you will need a lot of storage


Information Services provide useful information about cybersecurity, and how to spot online scams, specifically those aimed at students. Its definitely worth a read! There is also online training available.

Printing and allowances


Toner and paper supplies are available from the computer officers. Call 35315 from the phone near the GRR door.


Faculty of History M.Phil students receive a free printing allowance, equivalent to 1500 A4 sides for their course. Ph.D students get the equivalent of 4500 free A4 sides. This print credit is exclusive to History and can not be used elsewhere. The allowance doesn't expire on a termly or yearly basis, you can save it up until the end of your course if you want to.

Additional printing credit can be purchased online. Purchased credit will be added to your Common Balance and can be used in various locations throughout the University. Colour and A3 printing are more expensive, please see for details.

Remember, if you are frugal with your printing it not only saves you money, but saves energy and resources as well.