IT Facilities for Academic staff

Internet access

Wireless network access is available throughout the building, via the UniOfCam or Eduroam networks. See for details.

Computers and printing

Academic staff with rooms in the Faculty building are provided with computers in their offices. Staff have access to a central print queue and print jobs can be released at multi-function devices (MFDs), along with scanning and copying. Please contact the computer office if you need to use these devices.

For IT facilities and software available to all staff, please visit the UIS webpages,


Most IT systems in the University, e.g. email, wifi, printing will be accessed via your UIS username (crsid) and password.

It is recommended that you set up password recovery, but if you do lose your password and have not done so, Judith can provide a password reset token (photo id required). Please contact

If you have a computer in the Faculty building, or if you are using our teaching room computers, then you will have been given a separate password by the Faculty Computer Office. Please contact the Computer Office if you need help with this password.

Teaching Rooms

Several of our larger teaching rooms have been refitted in 2019-2020 with high quality displays.


The Faculty Meeting Room and Boardroom have web cameras in place for videoconferencing, suitable for meetings, interviews and vivas. While all staff and students are able to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype are also popular. The Faculty has a small number of shared Zoom licences, allowing unlimited meeting time, and there is also a Faculty Skype account. These must be pre-booked.

AV equipment for loan

We have some items such as cameras and microphones available for loan, booking required.


Please contact us if you need access to Faculty files when working remotely. The Computer Office can set up VPN access for you, alternatively you can use the University VPN.

Teaching aids

All Faculty teaching and meeting rooms are equipped with A.V. systems including computer, digital projector or large display screen and loudspeakers. Our recently refitted rooms all have PCs, or you can connect your own laptop (a range of connectors are available). If you are bringing a laptop, please check with us first to make sure that a connection is available in the room you are using. If you wish to log on the the PC you will need to set up an account, please contact the Computer Office to arrange this. 

The Boardroom and Faculty Meeting Room (FMR) are set up with webcams, so they can be used for Teams/Zoom/Skype meetings.

Please contact us if you need any help with this.



If you encounter problems at lecture time please call the computer office on 01223 (3)35315.

There are phones nearby in the corridors, so that you can easily get in touch.

If you experience any problems while using the equipment, or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know by email.

The seminar room computers all run an up-to-date version of MS Windows with MS Office, Adobe Reader, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers, VLC, and McAfee Endpoint Security anti-malware and anti-virus software.

Please be considerate of other users of the room. There is often very little time between consecutive lectures, but please take a moment at the end to log out of the computer. This makes it easier for the next person, but also protects you from someone else using your account. The screen can be turned off, but please leave the computer on, it will shut down automatically overnight.


DVDs should be played using the computer in the cabinet. Insert the disc and VLC should automatically start, enabling you to control the DVD using the mouse. 

VHS tapes, 35 mm slides, audio cassettes, OHP

Use of these media is diminishing and support of the relevant players is not cost-effective. If you wish to use any analogue medium please inform the computer office by emailing at least 24 hours before the lecture.

We may be able to advise on digitising slides and VHS tapes.

Overhead transparency projectors are no longer a permanent feature of the teaching rooms. Please contact us if you do need one.

Blank display
The computer may be turned off, or the wrong input selected. If it is a projector, check that the display has not been muted.

The keyboard/mouse isn't working.
If you are in a room with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the battery may need replacing. Please call us (01223 3 35315), for a replacement. For backup, a USB mouse and keyboard are available.

There is no sound
Check that the amplifier is on and the sound has not been muted.

Bookable A.V. equipment:

We have some items available for loan;

  • Digital projectors
  • Prosumer camcorders, tripods and microphones
  • Colour document visualiser with book projector
  • Memory card readers
  • Hand-held digital voice recorders

If you would like to arrange a session with a computer officer to get to know the AV equipment or reserve any of the above bookable equipment, please email