The history of Latin America; from 1500 to the present day

Course Material 2023/24

This paper offers an overview of the most relevant issues shaping the history of Latin America from the time before European arrival in the fifteenth century to the present. The paper studies the complex interface between the region and the global processes that have outlined its history. Through the study of cases we aim to understand the experience of individuals, groups, and nations as they dealt with internally grown affairs and the global scene. The programme of lectures presents a broad range of themes that include the multifaceted character of colonialism, the crucial role of religion, the pervasiveness of ideas and practices about race and racism, diverse experiences of reform, revolution, and dictatorship, the Cold War, and the present challenges the region faces at a juncture of significant economic growth paired with the world’s deepest social inequalities. We approach these questions chiefly through the lens of history, but will also make use of contributions from other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, and the arts.


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Image: Part of Diego Rivera's "History of Mexico" mural at the National Palace in Mexico City.