Histories of Race Graduate Workshop


The Histories of Race Graduate Workshop is a bi-weekly forum for the exploration of the impact of race and the construction of race and racial hierarchies across regional and temporal boundaries.  

Complementing the wonderful array of workshops within the Faculty of History, this workshop endeavours to bring together a rich community of scholars working on questions related to race, ethnicity, and the process of racialisation. It grants us the opportunity to hear exciting research by generous scholars willing to share their work with us. It allows us to collectively think with and think through the work presented as well as granting the presenter the chance to gain valuable feedback on their work.  

We provide a platform for scholars at various points of their career- be they MPhils, PhD students or early career researchers.The goal of this workshop is to provide an environment for the interchange of ideas and a forum for discussion on the theme of race.

It aims to:

  • provide a platform for scholars at Cambridge and selected academics outside of the institution to present papers on race, broadly defined.
  • disrupt the “national” by welcoming proposals which explore the impact of race and the construction of race and racial hierarchies across geographical and chronological boundaries.
  • breakdown boundaries between disciplines and sub-fields; the theoretical and the empirical; and the transnational, national and the local.

We welcome papers from MPhils, PhD students, and early career researchers across disciplines. We particularly welcome interdisciplinary scholarship. The papers should be approximately 35-40 minutes long. Each paper is followed by questions, feedback and discussion. If you are interested in presenting, please send a title, an abstract of approximately 250 words and a brief bio.

The workshop meets on Wednesdays at 5PM via Zoom. To be added to the mailing list, please contact Yasmin Dualeh (yd293@cam.ac.uk), Jasmin Bath (jtb43@cam.ac.uk) and Shuvatri Dasgupta (sd781@cam.ac.uk).