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Visiting Students

Winner of the 2016 Photo Competition - Kuan-jen Chenn's 'Light will dawn upon those who tread the narrow path of knowledge'

Visiting Graduate Students: online resources


Welcome to the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge and for engaging our Visiting Student Scheme.   May we wish you a profitable visit in anticipation that you achieve the aims and objections you have set for this period of research. Below are details of Faculty online resources that may be of use to you.

Photo Competition Entry 2016: Kuan-jen Chen - There is no satiety in studying until your achievements be carved on your tombstone

Probationary PhD handbook

The following sections of the handbook may be of interest:

Photo Competition Entry 2016 - Caroline Camm - (In)Visible Time

Graduate events calendar / Graduate training

Here you will find the graduate events calendar.  

The following training activities are applicable to visiting students, if you wish to attend an event or training activity, we recommend you send an email of introduction to the session host/lecturer or equivalent seeking their permission to attend.  

Welcome series - these sessions only:   

    • Introduction to university services
    • Meet the workshops
    • Introduction to research resources
    • Introduction to College libraries 


    • all that are applicable

Historical Methods

    • all that are applicable

Graduate Research Day

Lectures and Seminars

    • all that are applicable

Faculty Provision - Student initiated training - this session only:

    • Shut up and write

Wider Cambridge University Training Provision - these sessions only:

    • Libraries
    • CRASSH

spring kings

Resources for Graduate Students

The following links may be of interest 


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