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Workshops are your chance to meet other people researching in related areas, to learn about their work, and to get a chance to present your own research to an interested audience.

Workshops are one of the very strong points of the Faculty's graduate programme. Some are thematic, some are period-based; all bring together MPhil and graduate students to discuss and present their work in a supportive peer environment. Many workshops also pursue projects such as conference panels and colloquia, and most become friend groups. Some offer sandwiches, some insist on wine. All provide a lively environment to meet other historians working on topics which are at least marginally related.

We have three thematic workshops which run on a yearly basis. Each year, there are three places for thematic workshops for which graduate students can apply (including the current thematic workshops, which only run for a year at a time). The call for workshop Proposals usually opens in early Lent - more details will be provided soon. Please contact the Grad Rep for any more information, and we look forward to reading your workshop proposals.

Grad Rep:


Meet the Workshops

Session Leader: all the convenors of the Graduate Workshops, Grad Rep


Meet the Grad Rep and find out about the workshops available within the Faculty. Workshops are an excellent way to test out ideas among peers in a research-friendly environment. 


The workshops are a great place to fine-tune a paper for a conference presentation, and to test ideas. Neither presentation nor even participation are mandatory, but any PhD student who fails to get involved in at least one workshop is really missing out on a useful, exciting, and fun part of the faculty's grad programme.

All workshop programmes are available on the Graduate Training Google calendar. Workshop organisation is another great experience - and good for the CV. Sign up for the mailing lists that each workshop runs by emailing the workshop convenor or visiting the 'Meet the Workshops' session at the beginning of the year. If you have a personal Google account you can also tell the calendar to text or email you when workshop events are about to happen.



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