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Political Thought and Intellectual History (PTIH)

Effects of Good Gov

Welcome to the Graduate Workshop in PTIH

As organizers of this year’s Graduate Workshop in Political Thought and Intellectual History, we welcome submissions for possible presentations. As with previous years, these presentation seminars serve a multifold purpose.

Doctoral students can present the results of current research, while MPhil students might want to use the opportunity to receive some feedback on preparatory work for their final dissertation or essays.

An inter-disciplinary approach

The research outlook of the workshop is deeply inter-disciplinary. We welcome papers on intellectual history, global intellectual history, contemporary political philosophy, critical theory, cultural history, and beyond. Even if your research interests might, at first sight, only have a tangential affinity with the field of intellectual history: don’t hesitate to submit your abstract, including a short academic CV, to publicize further research during these sessions.

Lent Term 2018

Tuesdays, 5 PM, Room 5, History Faculty

23 January

Laura Flannigan (Cambridge)

The experience and ideal of Royal authority in the English Courts of Requests, 1515-1529

6 February

Fernando Gallo (Lugano/Cambridge)

Hegel in Italy: the Rise of the Ethical State

20 February

MPhil Session

Essay Presentations

6 March

Eraldo Santos (Sorbonne)

'The Invention of a 'Great Tradition': A Plea for a Conceptual History of Civil Disobedience

13 March

Joshua Smeltzer (Cambridge


Utopia and Utopianism in the Political Thought of Carl Schmitt



Mimi Howard (mmh53)

Barret Reiter (bpr24)


Image: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government (detail), fresco, c. 1339