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Political Thought and Intellectual History (PTIH)

Effects of Good Gov

Welcome to the Graduate Workshop in PTIH

Our workshop offers PhD and MPhil students the opportunity to present and discuss results from their current research in an informal and supportive environment. It is intended as a home for all graduate students whose work intersects in some way with the broad field of intellectual history, taken as the historical study of ideas, concepts, discourses, beliefs, knowledge.

The workshop draws impetus from the diversifying scene of intellectual history at Cambridge, as demonstrated by recent graduate conferences on “Aesthetics and Poetics” (2018), “The Body and Politics” (2019) and “The Patristic Legacy in Early Modern Culture” (2019, upcoming), and the regular seminar series on Political Thought and Intellectual History, Early Modern Scholarship and Religion, and Global Intellectual History. We welcome papers on topics from all periods and regions of the world that are engaged in intellectual history broadly construed, including papers on the history of social, economic, political, religious, cultural, or aesthetic thought, contemporary political philosophy, critical theory, the history of scholarship and the book, and beyond.

Sessions will take place at 5pm on alternate Wednesdays in the Boardroom of the Faculty of History. Each session will be followed by drinks.


Michaelmas 2019 termcard

23 October - Luke Ilott (Cambridge), 'Foucault's Discipline and Punish and the French reproduction debate, 1970-1975'
6 November - Charlotte McCallum (Queen Mary), 'Machiavelli and religion in early modern Britain'
20 November - Arnab Dutta (Groningen), 'Pre-political, political, and the political category: the resonance of Kultur in British Bengal, 1920-1940'
4 December - Pedro Vianna Faria (Cambridge), 'David Hume, the Académie des Inscriptions and the nature of historical evidence in the early eighteenth century'



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Image: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government (detail), fresco, c. 1339