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Histories of Race Graduate Workshop

This workshop provides a space to bring together the rich intellectual community of scholars working on questions related to race, ethnicity, racial minorities and the process of racialisation. Race is an ever-shifting, malleable social construction. Historians have been at the forefront of making processes of racialisation legible, in addition to demonstrating the effects of racism and racialisation across time and space. The goal of this workshop is to provide an environment for the interchange of ideas and a forum for debate on the theme of race.

The workshop is held on alternate Wednesdays, 12-2PM in the Anna Bateson room at Newnham College.


Lent Term Card




"Bringing Civilisation to our Black Brothers": Visions of Race in Israeli Interactions with Africa, 1958-1973.

Alex White, University of Cambridge 




Against the "Vanity of Racial Domination": L T. Hobhouse's Argument on Race. 

Ben Tan, University of Cambridge




Crime in the Community: The Ford Foundation, Black Power, and the Rise of Community Policing.

Sam Collings-Wells, University of Cambridge 


The following two sessions have been cancelled in support of the UCU strike and will be rescheduled for Easter term:


26TH FEBRUARY 2020  


Voltaire's Scientific Racism: Manipulating the Ezourvedam to Support Polygenesis.  

Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh, University of Cambridge


11TH MARCH 2020  


Claiming Whiteness, Contesting Race and Identifying Nationhood: Anglo-Indians and Status Formation in South Asia, c. 1920-1970. 

Mobeen Hussain, University of Cambridge



Yasmin Dualeh (

Mobeen Hussain (



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