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Graduate Early Medieval Seminar (GEMS)


GEMS is a workshop covering every aspect of Early Medieval European, Byzantine, and Mediterranean History in roughly the period 500 AD–1050 AD. GEMS welcomes post-graduate students who wish to present papers and works in progress to their peers for practice and friendly feedback.

Sessions take place at 4pm in Room 5 of the Faculty



Robert Evans: rae32

Claire Burridge: cpsb2

Michaelmas 2018

October 18th

Tom Langley (Classics, Cambridge)

Being a City of God: The Idea of the City in 4th-Century Byzantine Martyr Homilies


November 1st


~*~  Monty Python and the Holy Grail ~*~

NOTE: Meeting at 19:30 for pizza / film starts at 20:00 / Location tbc


November 15th 

Dr Ben Guy (ASNC, Cambridge)

Defining the gens in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland: Language, Descent, and the Evidence of the Genealogical Corpora


December 7th

End-of-term Roundtable





Previous Term:  Easter 2018

May 10th

Ana Núñez (History, Cambridge)

Claiming the Holy Land: On the Christian Appropriation of Jersalem in Latin Itineraria and the Gesta Francorum


May 24th 

Dr Mike Humphreys (History, Cambridge)

Judicial Shaving in Byzantium, c. 600-900


June 7th 

Dr Tom Lambert (History, Cambridge)

Feuding, Anthropology, and De Obsessione Dunelmi


June 21st

End of year Garden Party!

Timing and location tbc