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Graduate Early Medieval Seminar (GEMS)


GEMS is a workshop covering every aspect of Early Medieval European, Byzantine, and Mediterranean History in roughly the period 500 AD–1050 AD. GEMS welcomes post-graduate students who wish to present papers and works in progress to their peers for practice and friendly feedback.

Sessions take place at 4pm in Room 5 of the Faculty



Silvio Roggo (sbr30)

Calum Platts (chfp3)

                                                                            Lent Term 2020

23 January:

'Conquest History and its Consequences in the Early Islamic Caliphate', Ed Zychowicz-Coghill (Classics)


6 February:

'The Rise of Christianity on the Gulf of Aden: an Inquiry into the Early History of Arabia and Ethiopia', Valentina Grasso (Divinity)

'Bureaucratic Culture and the Reproduction of Imperial Propaganda in Sixth-Century Byzantium', Matt Hassall (History)


20 February: 

‘The Insular Genesis: Text and Transmission’ (Full title t.b.c.), Joe Mc Carthy (ASNC)

'‘A House for a House’: Civic Punishment and Legitimacy of Destruction in Medieval Italy, 750–1100', Giulia Bellato (History)


5 March:

'Obeying the Ishmaelites? Rethinking Borrell II’s Cordoban Diplomacy', Sam Ottewill-Soulsby (Classics)