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Graduate Early Medieval Seminar (GEMS)


GEMS is a workshop covering every aspect of Early Medieval European, Byzantine, and Mediterranean History in roughly the period 500 AD–1050 AD. GEMS welcomes post-graduate students who wish to present papers and works in progress to their peers for practice and friendly feedback.

Sessions take place at 4pm in Room 5 of the Faculty



Silvio Roggo (sbr30)

Calum Platts (chfp3)

                                                                            Michaelmas Term 2019


24 October: 'A Contested Communion? The Canons of the Council of Trullo (c. 691-2) as a Source for Byzantine Engagement in the South Caucasus in the Late Seventh Century' (Stephanie Forrest, Faculty of History)


7 November: 'Firing the Canon: Constantine and the Construction of the Christian Bible' (Michael Dormandy, Faculty of Divinity)


21 November: 'A Land of Thorns and Ruins. Civic Terminology and Imagery in Gildas’ De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae' (Robert Flierman, Utrecht University)


5 December: Joint Event with CALM - Details to Follow