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Central and Late Medieval History (CALM)

Graduate Conference Series


The Central and Late Medieval (CALM) workshop provides a platform for graduate students working on any topic of medieval history between c. 1000 and c. 1500.  Although run from the Faculty of History, we invite papers covering a broad cross-section of medieval culture including art, literature, architecture, music and theology across a wide geographical region from Iceland, Scandinavia and the West to Byzantium and the Middle East.  We welcome speakers from Cambridge and further afield.

We welcome all speakers from MPhil and above from whatever department who have an interest in the time period of the central and late medieval time period. We are a friendly and open workshop and invite papers from people at any stage of their research. We provide a supportive environment for people to trial their ideas and to have friendly and constructive feedback. Wine and cheese is provided.

Meetings are held on Thursdays in Room 10 of the Faculty from 1.00pm - 2.30pm.  



Gabriele Passabì  (gp419)

Vedran Sulovsky (tvs423)

Michaelmas 2018


October 18

David Runciman, (History, Cambridge) - 'Protecting the flock: Defending orthodoxy in the late-twelfth and early-thirteenth centuries'

November 1

Film Night: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Meeting at 19:30 for pizza / film starts at 20:00 Location: tbc

November 15

Raffaele Danna (History, Cambridge) - 'The Spread of Hindu-Arabic Numerals in the Tradition of Practical Arithmetic: a European Reception of a Late-Medieval Heritage'
Jennifer Ruggier (History, Cambridge) - 'Constructing ‘Welshness’ in Later Medieval Chronicles, 1377-1422'

November 29

Cat Watts (MML, Cambridge) - 'Four-color fantasies’: American Comics, Arthurian Romance, and the Boom Bust Cycle'
Rebecca Courtier (MML, Cambridge) - 'Mary and Mélusine: Marvellous Mothers of the Middle Ages'

December 6

Roundtable with GEMS - Topic: Monsters in the Middle Ages Location: tbc