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Lectures and Seminars

Lectures and Seminars


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Who can attend?

All graduate members of the Faculty (undergraduates will also be attending lectures).

**Specialist skills training is also provided in the subject-specific History MPhils: please consult the relevant MPhil course handbook for further information**


Faculty Research Seminars



The Faculty offers an extensive programme of seminars designed for graduate students and organised by the lecturing staff. Scholars from outside Cambridge as well as local speakers are invited to give papers on their current work. A major function of most seminars is to allow graduate students to present their work, especially at a late stage of their PhD study. In addition, seminars help to acquaint students with the latest developments in the subject and to teach them the skills of advanced academic debate.

The seminars are also the meeting place for all graduate students working in a particular area in Cambridge and offer significant help in integrating PhD students into the wider academic and graduate student community. Students are expected to attend the relevant seminars; it is important to review with your Supervisor the range of seminars available.


Faculty Lectures and Other Classes


Students who wish to reinforce or widen knowledge of the wider historical background, or gain knowledge of a related field in another discipline are welcome to attend relevant parts of the undergraduate lecture programme. 

Lectures are open to all members of the university without prior arrangement.

Undergraduate seminars and classes may be subject to restrictions; you should consult the lecturer or course convenor in advance about availability. This applies also to attendance at graduate classes, other than your own.   

Lectures, seminars and classes offered by the Faculty of History are detailed in the Lecture List .

Lectures, seminars and classes offered by other Faculties and Departments can be found here 







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