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The Welcome Series

The Welcome Series


To allow new graduate students to settle in to the Faculty and gain a basic understanding of the course and what is expected.

Who can attend?

All new graduate members of the Faculty

Where can I find out dates and times?

This information is in the Graduate Training Booklet, which you can access via The History Faculty's Moodle page, under Graduate Training here. You can also use the Graduate Training calendar to see when sessions are scheduled.



PhD Induction

Aimed at new PhD students, known as NOTAFs (Not at First Registered). There will be an after-party following this event where you can meet the Graduate Office staff as well as your fellow PhD candidates.


Introduction to University Services

This is aimed at new graduate members of the Faculty (NOTAF and MPhil) to help understand some of the services on offer within the University. These include, but are not limited to, the Faculty Computer Office, the Seeley Library, the Careers Service, the Language Centre, University-wide Training, and your Graduate Representative.


Meet the Workshops

Meet your Graduate Representative and find out about the student-initiated workshops available within the Faculty. Workshops are an excellent way to test out ideas among peers in a research-friendly environment. We will be staggering this event for MPhils in one slot followed by NOTAFs in a later slot.


Welcome to Cambridge

An informal question-and-answer session for graduate students who are new to Cambridge.


Introduction to Research Resources

Come to hear the Head of Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries and Seeley Librarian talk about the Seeley Library as well as what is offered with the University Library. The Seeley is part of the UL and so this is an introduction to finding secondary, and some primary, historical sources, as well as historical sources online.


Introduction to College Libraries

As well as what is offered through the University Library, there are some specific collections available within Cambridge with the colleges. Come to hear representatives give a brief introduction to what their respective collections contain and get contact details for if these may be useful in your research area.


AHRC Induction

As well as the central AHRC induction event, AHRC awardholders should attend in order to find out about communications newsletters, JeS accounts, additional awards, training and transferable skills requirements, the international placement scheme, submission rates, and much more.


PhD Induction (Easter)

A welcome session for the all the NOTAFs who joined in Lent or Easter and consequently missed the earlier Welcome sessions.


Training Plans and Logs

All doctoral students should download a Personal Training Plan and Training Log. You can find these documents on your relevant Moodle pages. Following the initial meeting with your supervisor when you discuss appropriate training and skills, you can then retain and complete your log and plan. For probationary PhD students, your supervisor will upload your log and attendance along with their supervision report on your registration meeting. Other PhDs may wish to ask their supervisors to include their log within their termly supervision reports. This allows you to track your training progress and discuss with your supervisor what else you need to continue improving. You can include courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, and any other training you have received as you progress through your course.



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