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The Role of the Supervisor

Your Principal Supervisor – usually simply called your Supervisor – is the main person appointed by the Degree Committee to oversee and help you with your study. Your supervisor will have expertise in your research area and will offer advice on all aspects of research and preparation of the dissertation.

He or she and the MPhil Director are the main points of contact for academic support throughout your MPhil Programme. At college you will also have access to a College Graduate Tutor, who can advise on pastoral matters including financial matters, and matters connected to your welfare and accommodation in Cambridge.

Students will meet their Supervisor regularly for one-on-one supervisions in each of the three terms throughout the course. Their number of meetings might vary depending on your project, but students will typically meet twice in the first term and two - three times in subsequent terms. In addition, the MPhil Director for your course will also arrange group or individual meetings with you.

Changing your Supervisor

Students are admitted to the MPhil to work on their project with a named supervisor. If a student’s research topic changes substantially it may be necessary to try and find an alternative supervisor if possible. In some cases a second supervisor may be assigned to a student to offer additional support in a particular research area.

The Faculty hope that your working relationship with your Supervisor will be a successful one throughout your time at Cambridge, but in the unlikely event that a student experiences difficulties or a Supervisor is no longer available to supervise, the MPhil Director and Sub-Committee will discuss suitable alternatives and may allocate a new supervisor where necessary.