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Your First Few Weeks

Your First Week

Your first week at Cambridge will be very busy. The Faculty are here to support you and welcome you to Cambridge, and here is a list of things you might expect to do in your first week. 

Meet your Supervisor

We recommend that you contact your Supervisor as soon as possible once term has begun, or in the run up to term, to arrange your first meeting. You should be able to find their contact details using the University's Lookup service (raven log in required).

Attend Induction Sessions and Welcome Parties

You should have all been invited to the relevant welcome parties and induction sessions. We recommend that you attend these sessions as they are your first opportunity to meet with the Directors of your graduate programme, as well as other Faculty academics and fellow students. 

Sign up for Graduate Training and Workshops

The Faculty runs an active programme of graduate training throughout the year on topics from Writing your first book to applying for funding. We recommend that you consult the Faculty's Graduate Training Schedule and Graduate Workshop pages to identify any sessions of interest and sign up to relevant sessions. 

View your Course Handbook

Each Graduate Programme has a course handbook which will be made available to you. This may be a hard copy, via the website or using a Moodle page. Your Director will let you know where you can access a copy of the Handbook. 

Get your University Card

One of the most important items you will receive during your first few days in Cambridge is your University Card.

Your card will have many functions during your time at the University, including Library borrowing, door access, purchases in buttery, photocopying etc.

If you provided a photo with your application you will receive your University Card from your Card Representative upon arrival at your College. If you did not supply a photo with your application, contact your College's Card Representative (Raven log-in required).

More information is given on the University Card web pages.

Email Addresses and Computer Access

You should receive your University email address, Raven (authentication) password, and Desktop services (public computing) password when you arrive in Cambridge. In your first week you should check that this has all been set up. 

Staying in Contact

The preferred method of communication with students by the Graduate Offices of the Faculty is by email. We will contact you via your email address so we ask that you check this regularly.

Additional Information

The Central University provide information for new students including information about health care and a glossary of Cambridge terminology which you may find useful: 


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