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Complaints, Appeals & Ombudspersons

Complaints, Appeals and Ombudspersons

Complaints and Appeals

The Faculty hope that most problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently by simple consultation or discussion with the right person – normally your Supervisor, College Tutor or the Directors of Graduate Studies and Graduate Training. They might be able to solve the problem directly, either by intervening or offering suitable advice about how to proceed or where to go for further assistance and advice.

However, where this has failed to resolve the problem, students may seek advice from or submit an appeal or complaint to the Faculty’s Ombudsperson or to the central Student Complaints and Appeals Section.

Faculty Ombudspersons

We hope that most problems can be resolved with your Supervisor, your College Tutors or the Faculty Directors, but where a problem cannot be resolved through these channels, the Faculty has appointed Ombudspersons to whom you can go to for advice.

Ombudspersons are senior members of the Faculty whose task is to address any serious complaints about the academic quality or pedagogic efficiency of supervision made by research students. The role of the Ombudspersons is pastoral support and their actions are strictly confidential. Records of contacts between students and Ombudspersons will not appear in the student’s file. To note: Ombudspersons also take the role Faculty Harassment Advisers and will process complaints of this nature under rules issued by the central University:


For the academic year 2019-2020, the Ombudspersons are:


Dr Ben Griffin

Dr Ben Griffin 

Dr Arthur Asseraf

Dr Arthur Asseraf

Dr Ruth Watson

Dr Ruth Watson

Student Complaints and Appeals Section

Students should visit the following website for details on how to complain to the Student Complaints and Appeals Section.


We value the feedback of our students and once a year we ask our students to complete a Graduate Training survey to help us improve our services. If you feel at any point you would like to pass on some feedback, please feel free to visit or contact the Graduate Office.


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