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Will Lloyd-Regan

Will Lloyd-Regan

PhD candidate in Financial History


I grew up in Cambridge but travelled a bit further north for my undergraduate degree. I read History and Economics at the University of York (2017). From there I studied an MPhil in Economic and Social History here at Cambridge (2018). 

 I am a first year PhD candidate studying recent British banking history.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in topics that apply the technical rigour of Economics with the explorative methodology of the History discipline. Financial History has therefore provided a good fit. 

 My MPhil dissertation considered how the policy of Competition and Credit Control in 1971 began a process of change in British banking. It detailed how the UK clearing banks’ (which are now our high-street banks) practices were pushed away from their traditional remits towards new riskier territories. 

The PhD thesis extends this work, looking at how the banks have overhauled their traditional attitudes of prudent practice in order to lend on longer term loans like mortgages and through raising funds by the riskier means of the wholesale market. The thesis covers 1965-2000.  

Aside from this, I am interested in topics within British economic and political history post 1850.

Research Supervision

I am supervised by Dr. Duncan Needham.