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Imogen Wedd BA, MSt, PgDipLaw


I am a PhD student, researching the social and economic impact of the law of property and the changes in the legal framework of finance during the period 1550 to 1700. This is within the context of Kentish gavelkind, the 'common law of Kent', which subsisted until the property Acts of 1925-6 and which enforced a system of freehold tenure and partible inheritance in contrast to the law and custom of primogeniture which prevailed in most of the rest of England.

After my first degree I completed the Common Professional Examination for legal professionals, (postgraduate diploma in law), qualified as a company secretary, and worked as finance manager and practice manager for law firms in London and East Anglia for a number of years.  I obtained a Master of Studies degree at Cambridge in 2009.


Departments and Institutes

Corpus Christi College:

Research Interests

  • economy and society in seventeenth-century England,
  • partible inheritance and primogeniture,
  • the development of mortgage law and conveyancing practice,
  • the origins of agrarian capitalism,
  • landscape history.