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Viktor M Stoll

PhD Candidate, Faculty of History

Hughes Hall



  PhD Candidate in History, University of Cambridge


  Doctoral Fellow, Academic Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives,
      Freie Universität Berlin


  Research Consultant, Dept. of Political Science, Yale University


  Editorial and Research Assistant, Dept. of Political and International
      Studies, University of Cambridge


  MA in Modern History (Distinction), King's College London


  BA in History (Summa cum Laude), University of Missouri

Research Interests


PhD Title:  Richard Thurnwald and the Anglo-American Fate of German Anthropology, 1900-1945

My research examines the development of early twentieth century social anthropology in the context of colonial governance, Anglo-American-German intellectual exchange, and international cooperation.  This project explores the internationalization of the careers of German social anthropologists, exemplified by Richard Thurnwald, following the collapse of the German Colonial Empire, and their employment within leading Anglo-American academic institutions and various colonial administrations (particularly in Africa and the Pacific).  The absence of these ‘liberal’ social anthropologists from Germany during the corresponding rise of Rassenkunde (racial anthropology) and Nazism is also examined.  By illuminating the yet unexplored intellectual migration of German social anthropology into the Anglophone world, I intend to simultaneously disprove the notion that German anthropology simply descended into racial science during the interwar period and that Anglo-American anthropology developed without German intellectual influences.

Areas of Interest:  World History, Comparative Imperial and Colonial History, History of the Social Sciences


Research Supervision

Supervisor: Professor Sir Christopher Clark, St Catherine's College, Cambridge




Other Professional Activities


  International Officer, Graduate Union, University of Cambridge


  Graduate Representative, Council of the School of Humanities and
      Social Sciences, University of Cambridge


  Course Convenor, Modern European History Workshop, University 
      of Cambridge


  Student Affairs Chairman, Missouri Students' Association, University
      of Missouri


  • International History
  • Imperial History