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Tom Pye

Tom Pye
King's College
Mailbox 805

Cambridge CB2 1ST

Research Interests

Very broadly, my interests occupy the interface between the history of historiography and the history of political thought. More specifically, I work on (mainly historiographical) Scottish thought from c.1750-1820. I'm interested in why a number of thinkers of this period - David Hume, Adam Smith, John Dalrymple, Lord Kames, William Robertson, John Millar - found it necessary to turn to Europe's Gothic past in order to understand politics. It is in these depictions of Gothic and feudal history, I want to suggest, that some of the most sophisticated eighteenth-century debates about the prospects for European civilisation may be found.


I supervise Paper 20/POL 8: The History of Political Thought from c.1700-1890.