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Sina Talachian

PhD Student in History


I'm an aspiring intellectual historian with a background in history and philosophy. 

Research Interests

My PhD project is on the invention of the Marxist historian as a distinctive scholarly persona. Covering the period between 1920 and 1963, the project focuses on the origins, existence and subsequent traces of the Communist Party Historians’ Group (1946-1956) in the broader historical discipline.

This is intended to be part of a more expansive research project I aim to conduct on the persona of the Marxist scholar or intellectual as a distinctive social species, covering its emergence in the 19th century and its subsequent rise to prominence and then decline over the course of the 20th. I believe, and aim to show in my dissertation, that the tools offered by persona analysis can help shed new light on this, in part by foregrounding the performative aspects of being a scholar, intellectual or 'theoretician'.


I supervise History and Politics and International Studies (POLIS) third-year students for Part II of the Historical and HSPS Tripos, Paper 5/Pol 11 (Political Philosophy and the History of Political Thought since c. 1890) and Paper 4/Pol 8 (History of Political Thought from c.1700 to c.1890). I also teach on 'Marxist History', 'Revolutions', 'Time' and 'Empires' for Historical Argument and Practice (HAP), and am a teaching-assistant for Evidence and Argument, a bridge paper for first-year History and Politics students.

Key Publications

Talachian, S. (2017). Transcending the realism/anti-realism divide in the philosophy of history. Philosophy, 92 (2), pp. 183-206.

Talachian, S. (2019). The emergence of the English Marxist Historian’s scholarly persona: The English Revolution Debate of 1940-1941. In Herman Paul (ed.), How to be a historian: Scholarly personae in historical studies, 1800-2000. Manchester University Press.