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Dr Samuel James

Dr Samuel James

Lecturer in Modern British History

Christ's College
Cambridge CB2 3BU
Office Phone: 01223 762030

Departments and Institutes

Christ's College :

Research Interests

My main research interests are in the history of twentieth-century political thought and intellectual culture, and particularly in intellectual responses to economic, social, and political change in Britain in that period. I have also worked on the intellectual history of the academic humanities, especially debates over their conceptual character and cultural purpose. Presently, I am completing a book on the so-called "Cambridge School" in the practice of the history of political thought between the Second World War and the late 1970s.

Research Supervision

I welcome applications from graduate students interested in working on the history of twentieth-century Anglophone political thought and intellectual culture, especially in subjects related to my own research.


I lecture for the following papers:

Part I Paper 11, British Economic and Social History Since 1880

Part II Paper 5, Political Philosophy and the History of Political Thought since c.1890

I supervise in both these papers, as well as in Part I Paper 6, British Political History. I also contribute to the Faculty's teaching programme for Historical Argument and Practice.

Key Publications

"J.G.A. Pocock and the Idea of the 'Cambridge School' in the History of Political Thought", History of European Ideas (forthcoming; published online 20 July 2018).

“Louis Mink, ‘Postmodernism’, and the Vocation of Historiography”, Modern Intellectual History 7 (April 2010): 151-84.

Other Publications

"Time and Misrule: Edward II and the Historical Imagination", in National Theatre production programme for Edward II, August to October 2013.

"Recent Tendencies in the History of Political Thought", History of European Ideas 37 (September 2011): 396-402.