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Roseanna Webster

Roseanna Webster

PhD Candidate


I completed my BA and MA in history at the University of Manchester. After graduating in 2013, I moved to Spain and taught English for three years. I began my PhD at King's in 2016, under the supervision of Lucy Delap and Pedro Ramos Pinto and funded by the Vice-Chancellor's Award. 

Research Interests

My research explores the political participation of women in 1960s and 70s Spain, and considers how Spanish women helped shape the process of democratisation. My thesis concerns women's involvement in a range of issues, including urban infrastructure, work, and sexuality, and I am interested in the relationship between local organisations and transnational feminist campaigns. I am not limiting my focus to the actions of political elites or vanguards. Instead I am investigating the myriad ways women participated in the public sphere, often in a manner not considered 'political'. I will consider the activities of women from organisations connected to the Francoist regime as well as from opposition parties.


Part I, Paper 18 - 'European History since 1890'