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Dr Rachel G. Hoffman

Dr Rachel G. Hoffman

Fellow in History of King’s College

King’s College
Cambridge CB2 1ST

Office Phone: 01223 3 31338


Rachel G. Hoffman is a Fellow in History of King’s College and a Research Fellow on the Leverhulme-funded five-year project on Conspiracy and Democracy. Rachel completed her BA in History at Brown University, and her MPhil and PhD in History at Cambridge, where she was a Cambridge International Scholar. She has held visiting research positions at Yale University and the New School for Social Research.

Departments and Institutes

King's College:
Fellow in History

Research Interests

Dr Hoffman works on modern European history, with a particular interest in the intersections between cultural and political history. Her research focuses on assassination plots and attacks, revolutions, and conspiracy and, more generally, violence and politics, and state attempts to maintain order in the modern age. She is also interested in the global dimension and connections of these themes in intellectual and world history. Her Cambridge doctoral dissertation examined assassinations in Germany during the long nineteenth century. Her current research projects explore the connection between conspiracy theories and revolutions and counter-revolutions in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Europe; the spread of revolution in 1917; the age of assassination in Europe; and the broader relationship between politics and violence in modern history.