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Professor Rosamond Deborah McKitterick FRHistS,FRSA,FSA

Professor Rosamond Deborah McKitterick, FRHistS,FRSA,FSA

Professor Emerita of Medieval History and former Director of Research, Faculty of History

Rosamond McKitterick is available for consultancy.

Sidney Sussex College
Cambridge CB2 3HU
Office Phone: 01223 3 38800


Laureate, Dr A.H. Heineken International prize for History, 2010

Departments and Institutes

Sidney Sussex College:

Research Interests

The history of Europe in the early middle ages, with particular interests in the Frankish kingdoms in the eighth and ninth centuries, early medieval Rome,  and palaeography and manuscript studies.

Research Supervision

All parts of Continental western Europe, fifth to tenth centuries on political, religious, cultural, social,and  intellectual  themes.


Continental Europe, fifth to tenth centuries, especially the Carolingian period. 

Other Professional Activities

Chair, Faculty of History, Archaeology and Letters, British School at Rome


  • European History

Key Publications



Rosamond McKitterick

1st October 2019






1.  The Frankish Church and the Carolingian Reforms 789-895, Royal Historical Society, Studies in History (London, 1977) (reprinted, 1979 - now out of print)

pp. 236.


2. The Frankish Kingdoms under the Carolingians, 751-987(Longman: London, 1983; third impression January,1990; from 2004, digital print on demand 2004; Polish translation Królestwa Karolingow.Wladza – konflikty – kultura 751-987, trans. Bartosz Hlebowicw and Mateusz Wilk (Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Pwn, 2011).

pp. 414.


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hardback and 'Cambridge Paperback Library'; second impression: November 1990; third impression 1995); selected by the American Council of Learned Societies for its History E-book Programme 2001

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12. The authority of Rome in the manuscripts of early medieval Europe,Foxcroft Lecture on Bibliography and Book History for 2017, Ancora Press, Monash UniversityIn association with the State Library of Victoria (Melbourne, 2017).


13. Rome and the invention of the papacy: theLiber pontificalis (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) in the press, publication 2020.



Books edited 

14. Ireland in Mediaeval EuropeStudies in memory of Kathleen Hughes. Ed. with Dorothy Whitelock and David Dumville (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982)

pp. 406.


15.  The Uses of Literacy in Early Mediaeval Europe(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990) (reissued in paperback, April,1992; third impression 1998)  

selected by the American Council of Learned Societies for its History E-book Programme 2002   pp. 345 


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Spanish translation: La alta edad mediatrans. Lourdes Soriano Robles (Barcelona: Critica, 2002)

Polish translation: Wczesne Sredniowieczetrans. Zibigniew Dalewski (Warsaw: Swiat Ksizki, 2010)


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26. Romanness after Rome. Special Themed Edition as Guest Editor of Early Medieval Europe22 Number 4  (2014).


27. (with C. Gantner and S. Meeder, The resources of the pastinearly medieval Europe 400-1000(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015).


28. (with C. Methuen and A. Spicer), The Church and the Law, Studies in Church History 56 (2020)


29.(with Richard Pollard, Richard Price, and Dorine van Espelo), Codex epistolaris carolinus, Translated Texts for Historians (Liverpool) to go to press October/November 2019



Medieval Manuscript Catalogues compiled

30. Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge  IV.Music, Maps and Calligraphy, with J.Stevens, S.Tyacke and J.Whalley (Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge, for Magdalene College, 1989)  pp. 1-12 (= 57 descriptions)


31.  Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge  V.ManuscriptsPart I Mediaeval,with R.Beadle (Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge for Magdalene College, 1992)   pp. 125.


In preparation and under contract

32.  The migration of ideas in the early middle ages(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)


33. Law, history, and the transmission of texts in the early middle ages(Toronto: Toronto University Press) (a collection of revised -and in the case of three, translated from French and German - versions of 13 papers published between 2000 and 2009.




Cambridge Studies in Mediaeval Life and Thought  

General Editor (September 2003-June 2019), formerly one of the two Advisory Editors from 1989.

 'Progress Editor' for the monographs in the series by Julia Smith, Stephen Rowell, Jack Bernhardt, William Klingshirn, Patricia Skinner, Patrick Amory, Hans Hummer, Nora Berend, Martin Klaussen, Andrew Merrills, Nicholas Everett, Andrew Gillett, Florin Curta, Adam Kosto, Jason Glenn, Matthew Innes, Simon Maclean, David Pratt, Marios Costambeys, Alice Rio, Caroline Goodson, Rachel Stone, Janneke Raaijmakers, Rory Naismith, Jonathan Conant, John Eldevik, Shane Bjornlie, Charles West, Levi Roach, Jamie Kreiner, Helmut Reimitz, Yaniv Fox, Jesse Keskiaho, Thomas Faulkner, Ingrid Rembold, Sean Griffin, Edward Roberts, Irene van Renswoude.


Cambridge Studies in Palaeography and Codicology 

 (General Editor with Albinia de la Mare, Professor of Palaeography in the University of London to 1997; from 1998 -2003 General Editor with Dr Teresa Webber, University Lecturer in Palaeography, Cambridge.

’Progress Editor’ for monographs by Leslie Brubaker, Nancy Netzer, Charles Briggs, William Noel, Francis Newton, Lisa Davis, and Bernhard Bischoff.


Member, Editorial Board, New Cambridge Mediaeval History


Member, advisory group, New Cambridge History of the Bible


British coordinator,Repertorium Fontium Historiae Medii Aevi  (Rome 1962-2007) since December 1992 -2007(from 1996 on the Council). 


Member, Editorial Board, Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy: publisher Brepols, Turnhout. 




Early Medieval Europe  (launched September 1992 by Longman; transferred by Addison Wesley Longman to Blackwell 1996) (Editor 1992-95; Coordinating Editor September 1995-December 1997; Corresponding Editor thereafter.)


Gazette du Livre Médiéval.(Member of the 'Collectif de rédaction') 1994-2004


Journal of Library History  (member of Editorial Board) 2001-2009


Journal of Ecclesiastical History(member of Editorial Board) 2002-2019


Millennium(member, Editorial Board/ Beirat Mitglied) published by the Max Planck Institut für Rechtsgeschichte) since 2003


Francia(standing member for peer review) Published by the Deutsches Historisches Institut(Institut histoirque allemand), Paris since 2009


Quaerendo(Brill: Leiden) (member of Editorial Board) since 2012


Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae(Warsaw) (member of Advisory Board, 2013 -)


German History(member of Advisory Board 2014-) 



Consultant Editor, Times Atlas of World History, 5th Edition (London, 1999 and revised 5th edition 2004)

Consultant Editor, Times Atlas of European History, first and second editions (London 1996 and 1998


CHAPTERS IN BOOKS (A 1-125) and ARTICLES (B 126-67)

Those marked * have been reprinted in either Books, scribes and learning in the Frankish kingdoms, 6th to 9th centuries(1994) or Frankish kings and Culture in the early middle ages(1995)


A: Chapters in edited books 


1.   'The training of the Frankish clergy in the ninth century: the episcopal statutes', Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Comparative Ecclesiastical History(1975) reputedly still in the press!


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(i)    The barbarian settlements in western Europe

(ii)   The spread of Islam from AD 632

(iii)  The Jewish diaspora, AD 70-1800

(iv)  The rise of the Frankish kingdoms 482-814

(v)   The Magyars, Saracens and Vikings in Europe in the 9th and 10th centuries

(vi)   Northern and eastern Europe 900-1050

(vii)  Crusading in Europe, 11th-15th century

(viii) The Byzantine Empire, 610-1453

(ix)   The first Russian state, 882-1242

(x)    Germany and the papacy 962-1250

(xi)   Monarchy in Britain and France, 1154-1314

(xii)   Economic growth in Europe 950-1150

(xiii)  Cultural and intellectual developments in Europe, 500-1800 (this one not printed). 


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62   27 Spreads in The Times Atlas of the Medieval  World, ed. R.McKitterick (approx. 16,000 words altogether plus captions for maps and illustrations)

 (i) 1. Introduction

(ii) 2. Continuities and discontinuities

(iii) 3. Medieval perceptions of the world

(iv) 4. The world in c.700

(v) 5. The successor states to Rome

(vi)  7. The rise of the Carolingians

(vii)  8 Italy and the Lombards

(viii)  9. The empire of Charlemagne and his successors

(ix)  10. Carolingian administration

(x)  11. The church in Europe

(xi)  12. Carolingian culture

(xii)  14. Anglo-Saxon kingdoms to 1000

(xiii)  15. The kingdoms of Scotland, Wales and Ireland

(xiv)  16. The Vikings at home and abroad

(xv)  25. Religion and missionaries: the expansion of Christianity

(xvi)  26. Towns and trade to 1000

(xvii)  27. Buildings and power

(xviii)  28. The world in  c.1000

(xix) 29. Law and the judicial process

(xx)  30. Languages of medieval Europe

(xxi) 31. Networks of communication

(xxii)  40.. Schools and universities in Europe

(xxiii)  44.  Kievan Rus

(xxiv)  57..  Russia and the rise of Muscovy   

(xxiii)  77. Science and humanism

(xxiv) 80. Music

(xxv) 81.  The world in 1500


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