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Pedro Feitoza

Pedro Feitoza
Emmanuel College

Research Interests

I am a final year PhD student and my research interests lie in the history of Christian thought, Protestant-Catholic interactions, and the circulation of evangelical literature in Brazil in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. My doctoral research, titled Protestants and the public sphere in Brazil, 1870-1930, examines the ideas and movement of evangelical print in the country. By paying close attention to a vast collection of evangelical texts (books, tracts, pamphlets and periodicals) and to the records of Brazilian churches, missionary organisations, Bible and tract societies, my dissertation shows how missionary education and the dissemination of Christian literacy generated new reading practices in Brazil and created channels of upward social mobility. Religious controversies involving evangelical ministers and Catholic clergymen, as well as debates on the legitimacy of Protestant proselytism in Brazil reverberated in Portugal, Illinois (US) and other parts of Latin America, generating an evangelical transatlantic public sphere. Also, my research shows how evangelical ministers and writers appropriated and modified ideas taken from a vast intellectual repertoire to build their own body of thought and doctrine. Brazilian evangelicals employed selectively central concepts of a variety of theological and philosophical traditions (including Protestant theology, classical liberalism, Enlightenment notions of natural freedom and Positivism) in their interventions in contemporary debates on abolitionism, religious freedom, republicanism, racial theories and imperialism.

Research Supervision

I am supervised by Professor David Maxwell.


I am happy to supervise for: Part II, Paper 27 - The history of Latin America, from 1500 to the present day

Key Publications

'Experiments in missionary writing: Protestant missions and the Imprensa Evangelica in Brazil, 1864-1892', Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 69 (2018), pp. 585-605 ( Winner of the World Christianities Essay Prize 2017 by the Journal of Ecclesiastical History.

'British Missions and the making of a Brazilian Protestant public' in Cabrita, J.; Maxwell, D.; Wild-Wood, E. (eds.). Relocating World Christianity: Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of Christianity (Leiden: Brill, 2017).

Other Publications