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Paco Martino Ruzzante

Paco Martino Ruzzante

PhD candidate in Economic History

Postgraduate Representative of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS)

Paco Ruzzante is available for consultancy.

Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane
Cambridge CB2 1TJ
Office Phone: +447474702882


I am a PhD candidate in Economic History, supervised by Dr Pedro Ramos Pinto. Previous education includes the University of Cambridge (MPhil in Economic and Social History) and the University of Padova (MA in Historical Science and BA in History).

Research Interests

My PhD thesis investigates the transnational influences on the Mediterranean welfare systems of Italy and Spain in the period between 1942 and 1960s. The aim of this project is to understand whether transnational INGOs and epistemic communities between policy experts played a key part in shaping the policy-making process within Mediterranean welfare systems.

This research builds on previous analyses on the influence of the Beveridge Report in the Mediterranean Welfare systems I conducted during my MA at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Padua. A paper drawn from this research was awarded by the honourable mention of the Jan Lucassen Award at the 2016 European Social Science History Conference.

My BA dissertation on the evolution of the Italian political system from 1945 to the Calderoli reform (2005) includes exclusive interviews to Sergio Mattarella, author of the 1993 electoral reform and elected President of the Italian Republic in January 2015, and Luciano Violante, President of the 2006 Permanent Commission on Constitutional affairs and author of the main project of constitutional reform. 

My broader research interests are:


  • The Mediterranean region post-war economy and politics
  • Welfare history
  • Transnational diffusion of ideas and policy transfer
  • Impact of the process of European Integration



I am teaching paper 18 - European History since 1890 - to undergraduate students



Other Professional Activities

  • Research Assistant on corporate control contests for Professor Brian Cheffins (Faculty of Law) and Professor John Armour (University of Oxford). 
  • Postgraduate Representative of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS)
  • Organiser of the 2017-2018 workshop on Contemporary History (University of Cambridge, Faculty of History)


  • International History
  • Economic, Social History