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Nicholas Dixon

Nicholas Dixon

PhD Candidate

Pembroke College
Cambridge CB2 1RF


I studied History at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate and at the University of Cambridge as a postgraduate, attaining a first-class BA (Hons) and an MPhil with distinction. My PhD examines the Church of England’s influence upon English politics and society during the early nineteenth century. I have had a longstanding interest in this period of British history. In 2010, I was awarded the Julia Wood Prize by St Hugh’s College, Oxford, for an essay on the transition between the Georgian and Victorian eras. As an undergraduate at Oxford, I wrote a thesis on the religious significance of British coronations between 1761 and 1838, which was awarded the Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize in 2014. I have broadened the scope of my research while studying at Cambridge. My MPhil thesis concerned the relationship between the Church of England and the monarchy from 1811 to 1837 as it was manifested in such areas as Anglican thought, court life, high politics and educational initiatives. I am now working on a wider investigation of the Church’s interaction with English political and social institutions.

Research Interests

My doctoral research concerns the political and social influence of the Church of England during the early nineteenth century, with a particular focus on Anglican activity in the contexts of Parliament, the National Society and the SPCK. I am also interested in British coronation ritual, the British monarchy from the eighteenth century to the present and the place of Anglicanism in Britain's colonies. 

Research Supervision

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Thompson (Queens' College)


Part I, Paper 5 (British Political History 1688-1886)

Other Professional Activities

Membership Secretary of the Church of England Record Society
Member of the Executive Committee of the Ecclesiastical History Society
Member of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Former Co-Convenor of the Modern British History Workshop (2015-2017)
Member of the Organising Committee of the Cambridge AHRC DTP Conference: 'Tradition and Transformation' (September 2017)  


  • Modern British History

Key Publications

'Queen Adelaide and the Extension of Anglicanism in Malta', Studies in Church History, 54 (2018), 281-95.
'The Political Dimension of the Education of the Poor in the National Society's Church of England Schools, 1811-37', Studies in Church History, 55 (2019), 290-306.

Other Publications

'Religion in the British Navy, 1815-1879: Piety and Professionalism' (book review), Journal for Maritime Research, 18:2 (2016).
'Creating Religious Childhoods in Anglo-World and British Colonial Contexts, 1800-1950' (book review), Cultural and Social History, 15:3 (2018).
'The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume II: Establishment and Empire, 1662-1829' (book review), Journal of Religious History, 43:1 (2019).