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Nathaniël D.B. Kunkeler

Trinity College

Cambridge CB2 1TQ

Research Interests

PhD: Myth & respectability in Swedish and Dutch fascism, 1931-1940

Main research interest is in political cultures of the far-right in modern Europe, focusing primarily on fascism across the continent in the interwar period. I currently look at the way myths and identities are constituted through discourse and performance, and how these operate within and influence public discussion and knowledge, e.g. through visual propaganda, marches, rallies, clothing, music, etc. I am also interested in the political uses and fortunes of fascism as a sign, including in the post-war period, exploring the political exploitation of signification, the role it plays in describing contemporary far-right groups, and its purpose as a sign in transnational far-right networks.

Geographically I look predominantly at Western Europe, taking a particular interest in the Netherlands and Sweden where I research the Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging (NSB, 1931-45) and the Nationalsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet / Svensksocialistisk Samling (NSAP/SSS 1933-50) in particular.

Research Supervision

Primary supervisor: Pedro Ramos Pinto

Secondary supervisor: John F. Pollard


I currently supervise undergraduates for Paper 18 of Part I of the History Tripos, and teach one seminar of the Comparative Fascism(s) option of the Modern European History MPhil.

Key Publications

‘Sven Olov Lindholm and the literary inspirations of Swedish fascism’, Scandinavian Journal of History (2018), doi:10.1080/03468755.2018.1501419

'Narratives of Decline in the Dutch National Socialist Movement, 1931-1945', Historical Journal (2017), doi:10.1017/S00188246X17000188

'The evolution of Swedish fascism: self-identification and ideology in interwar Sweden', Patterns of Prejudice, 50:4-5 (2016), pp. 378-397, doi: 10.1080/0031322X.2016.1237386